Steel Farm was the first Passivhaus project constructed by JD Joinery and Building Services and the first Passivhaus in Northumberland.  The skill and expertise required to create this landmark home just outside of Hexham is wonderfully highlighted in this informative, short video introduction to Steel Farm.

Designed by LEAP architects, Steel Farm is an industry leading example of how Passivhaus design and skilled construction can create a home which offers more than just a place to live.  The video helps to highlight the care and attention that went into creating Steel Farm but also what it means to live in a Passivhaus in one of the most exposed rural areas of Northumberland.  Featuring interviews with Mark Siddall from LEAP Architects and also Joe Dixon from JD Joinery and Building Services, the film is part of a behind the scenes documentary detailing the entire process of constructing Steel Farm which can be found on the Passivhaus Secrets website in full here.

Winner of best small project at the Passivhaus awards in 2015, Steel Farm takes part in the annual Passivhaus open days which this year will be taking place on the 10th and 11th November 2017.  To see first hand how a Passivhaus could change the way you look at your new build residential project, come along to the open days to learn more from owners direct and take a tour of a Passivhaus in the Northumberland countryside.

In the meantime, to learn more about another low-energy home currently under construction by JD Joinery in the beautiful surroundings of the Yorkshire Dales, visit our blog on our new scheme at Preston-under-Scar.