Woon Gallery, Northumbria University

In 2018, JD Joinery and Building Services completed work on a high-profile refurbishment project with Northumbria University to create the Woon Gallery of Asian Art.

The new gallery has been created with support from the Woon Foundation and features key pieces from the Woon Foundation collection to support research and public exhibition in the North East of England.  The gallery launch was timed to coincide with the Great Exhibition of the North 2018 as thousands of visitors descended ready to experience everything the region has to offer from an arts and culture perspective.

JD Joinery was responsible for constructing the gallery through the refurbishment of existing university accommodation to create bespoke new exhibition space, designed with the express purpose of showcasing key pieces from the Woon Foundation Collection.  Central display areas now house a number of historic artefacts and all display walls have been designed to provide illumination using state-of-the-art museum lighting to showcase all gallery pieces and protect them for the future.

JD Joinery worked with the team at Northumbria University to deliver all refurbishment works on schedule and on budget whilst the building was still operational.  All work was completed to coincide with the start of The Great Exhibition of the North and a formal opening by the Woon Foundation.

Every piece within the collection has been chosen to have a special place within the Woon Galley as a representation of the application of craft and making in Asian Art. The Woon Gallery now has a dedicated galley within the University to help further understanding into the relationship of Buddhist Art to culture, religious belief, practice and devotion.