Low Carbon New Build Hexham

As members of the AECB and Passivhaus we were approached by Mark Siddell of LEAP Architects, an expert in Passivhaus construction to tender for unique private project on behalf of Trevor & Judith Gospel, who wanted to build a low carbon home on their organic farm.

Our enthusiasm & interest in low carbon construction, keen pricing – alongside the reluctance of our competition (who were intimidated by the scale and complexity of the works) – won us this tender.

The new build took place over 6 months, in a remote countryside location of the North Pennines. Restricted access whilst working in such a location was a big problem we managed to overcome. The house was built in traditional stone and cavity construction to Passivhaus standards. We achieved the accolade of ‘the most air-tight’ rated property in the UK, of this build method, for this new build property.

Furthermore, this project was short listed in 3 categories for the Constructing Excellence in the North-East Awards 2013 – a huge honour for a small building company.