The PassivHaus Trust is a leading independent organisation that is paving the way toward innovative, low energy buildings in the UK.

PassivHaus buildings are energy saving, reduce carbon emissions and are a sign of a greener, more energy conscious residential homeowner. There are rigorous guidelines and procedures to adhere to in order to be PassivHaus certified, more information can be found on the Passivhaus website.

At JD Joinery and Building Services, we have invested time and effort to make sure our team are skilled in the detailed processes needed in the construction of low-energy and PassivHaus projects. To create a home with low-energy credentials requires advanced methods of construction to ensure each and every building fits the low-energy design model from the first foundations to the final brick.

Our award-winning low-energy homes are landmark buildings in the residential market in the North East, with Steel Farm the first certified PassivHaus property in Northumberland and Little Elms a ground breaking new build home in Gosforth – shortlisted in 2015 for the prestigious RICS Renaissance Residential Project of the year award.

We pride ourselves on the skills it takes for our team to take on advanced methods to create sustainable homes which will stand the test of time. We have taken our knowledge of PassivHaus design principles to bring added value to other home improvement and new build projects through the addition of energy-efficient elements into new or existing homes.